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Bicycle Lighter
Stock Number: 505012

Lots of moving-working parts. Break handles move and operate the breaks in the front and rear of the bike. This lighter is adjustable and refuelable. Front wheel spins. Bike can stand on its own kickstand. Over all length is about 7 1/2 inches (19.1cm). Height is about 5 inches (12.7cm). Adjustable flame. Refillable lighter. There is no packaging for these sets.

Prices and shipping options below.  [lighters main page]

505012 - Bicycle Lighter (single)
Cost of each delivered $19.50
Delivery times of (10-19 days)

505012A - Bicycle Lighter (Lot of 2)
Cost of each delivered $19.20 x 2 = $38.40
Delivery times of (10-19 days)

505012B - Bicycle Lighter (Lot of 5)
Cost of each delivered $18.95 x 5 = $94.75
Delivery times of (10-19 days)

505012C - Bicycle Lighter (Lot of 9)
Cost of each delivered $15.75 x 9 = $141.75
Delivery times of (10-19 days)

505012D - Bicycle Lighter (Lot of 9)
Cost of each delivered $8.80 x 9 = $79.20
Delivery times of (60-75 days)

505012E - Bicycle Lighter (Lot of 12)
Cost of each delivered $8.45 x 12 = $101.40
Delivery times of (60-75 days)

505012F - Bicycle Lighter (Lot of 24)
Cost of each delivered $7.10 x 24 = $170.40
Delivery times of (60-75 days)

505012G - Bicycle Lighter (Lot of 60)
Cost of each delivered $6.55 x 60 = $393.00
Delivery times of (60-75 days)

505012H - Bicycle Lighter (Lot of 90)
Cost of each delivered $5.50 x 90 = $495.00
Delivery times of (60-75 days)

    Want only 10 at this price?
505012CL - Bicycle Lighter (Mix Container)
Cost of each = $3.93
Delivery times of (60-75 days)
Any amount mixed in a full container with other items.
You can buy one of these at this price if -
ordering a container of mixed items.
Shipping is not included with this price option.

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This item is available for
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in quantities of 1200 or more.

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